Video: I Have Seen Many Adorable Videos On The Internet, But His Footage Takes The Cake

Sometimes the bigger the animal doesn’t always mean the most frightening. When it comes to dogs, the little ones are usually the ones bossing the bigger pups around and running circles under their legs. Evidently, the same can be said for other animals too.

In the video below, a bear cub and a fawn meet for the first time and the reaction is not quite what one would expect. The bear is the intimidated one!

The fawn is standing in the main room, as the bear cub enters the room. When the fawn leans in to give the cub a good sniff, the bear appears to get a bit nervous.

He stands up on his hind legs and starts to back off. He stands completely erect on his hind likes and looks almost human-like as the fawn stands there and WATCH
The fawn doesn’t seem to mind the encounter at all, and looks like he is ready and willing to make friends with the baby cub, but the cub reveals his hesitance as he backs off and stumbles forward over and over again.

It’s clear that the cub doesn’t quite know what to think about the fawn, and he isn’t willing to approach him just yet. He uses the staircase as a security blanket and hides behind the first step, while peeking at the fawn through the bars. VIDEO NEXT PAGE

Even the look on the bear cub’s face speaks a thousand words. He gives the fawn a look of contemplation, as he sizes him up with a sideways glance. The look on the cubs face is priceless, he looks like a baby seeing the world for the first time.

This video has received loads of views and has people’s hearts melting all over the world. There is something so innocent about the two animals meeting for the first time, before the bear grows to his full size and becomes the one who is feared.

Viewers are falling in love with this unlikely duo…

“This has to be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life!”

And people are asking a fairly reasonable question about the video…

“Why do you have a baby bear at home ?”

“Oh my, I don’t know how they ended up in your living room…but this is just soooo cute.”

“In about 6 months that deer will be that bears lunch.”

“I saw this on Facebook and then somebody posted another video of an adult bear EATING an adult deer. So I’m guessing the cub doesn’t know yet that the fawn is FOOD! (the guy filming this is probably feeding the cub the dog food).”

And others are concerned about the welfare of the baby animals…

“How did you acquire a bear cub and a fawn? You or someone you got them from had to steal them from their mothers. You do not respect nature and are only thinking of yourself and looking cool to your friends. People who take animals and raise them out of their  NATURAL habitat to satisfy their own selfish wants are incredibly irresponsible.”

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