Feast your eyes on the largest anaconda you’ve ever seen

There’s a reason the 1997 film Anaconda garnered as much attention as it did, besides the young J-Lo addition the fact that there’s a snake out there as large as the anaconda is terrifying to some people. Not that the film itself was exemplary, but something large enough to swallow a human whole isn’t something the average person ever wants to have to deal with.

When this group of Brazilians came across one of these massive snakes in the water they decided to get a little closer look than they had, which was a dire mistake. The moment they get closer they realize just how big of a mistake they’d made – this thing was ridiculously big, a size large enough that COULD eat you if it wanted!

This snake was around 17 feet total in length and appears to be around two feet in width, but there’s more to this story than meets the eye. The fact that these Brazilians kept following the snake and messing with it they could face a fine of $600 and up to a year and a half in jail time for chasing and hunting without a license.


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