Beware If You Find Rubber Band At Your Door, This is What It Means

Have you ever seen a rubber band on a door and wondered what it was doing there? Apparently finding a rubber band on a door means that a burglar may be trying to get into your home, and it’s something we all should be concerned about.

 Kim Fleming, the latest victim of the rubber band trick, didn’t know how a rubber band could jeopardize her safety until it happened to her. While home alone one day, Kim heard loud bangs on her door but refused to answer it. She noticed that there was a man knocking on the door, and didn’t go to check on it until over half an hour later.

After going outside to inspect, she noticed a rubber band on her door handle. The rubber band was wrapped around both the lock and the handle on the door. Kim didn’t know it at the time, but the rubber band was placed there in an attempt to force the door open.

Kim immediately contacted the police and also wrote a Facebook post about what happened to her, explaining that apparently this trick is common among robberies. She also explained that she had a gun inside the home in case any possible intruders were reading.

When Kim contacted the police, the Sheriff came to her home to inspect. He explained that robbers often use this trick to catch victims off guard. When a victim unlatches a lock, the rubber band forces the door open and a burglar can burst inside.

This trick is common amongst robbers. It is recommended that when you’re home alone and hear a knock on the door, to simply ignore it. The moment an unsuspecting victim opens the door, a burglar can jump in and attack.

Always be sure to keep your doors locked, and never answer the door for strangers.

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