Man Heats Up Knife To 1000 Degrees And Cuts Open A Coke Bottle

Uploaded in glorious HD, the ‘KNIFE VS’ series is sure to remind some of the series ‘Watch It Melt’ or ‘Hydraulic Press’, neither of which hit the highs MrGear has achieved in the last few days. While the Hydraulic press guys were just about the hottest thing on Reddit for a while, they’ve only garnered 177 million views in their year-long run.

With more viewership comes more pressure, likely resulting in more and more expensive things being put up against his blazing hot knife. Just like the ‘Will It Blend?’ team that started with marbles and ended with iPhones (both of which blend marvelously), we can’t wait to see what comes next for MrGear.

Suggestions: jawbreakers, marshmallows, toothpaste. Or any type of electronic device, but please, please MrGear, start wearing some protection. Make sure you check out the newest video in the series, ‘KNIFE VS LIGHTER’.

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