What Stone You Are Drawn To Can Reveal Things About Your Personality

The mind is a fascinating thing. Your unconscious mind works when you aren’t even aware of it. It picks up signals, puts out signals and takes in information when you don’t know it’s even happening.

When it comes to stones, the one you are drawn to can tell you more about yourself than you may think. It might reveal something new about your personality, or confirm what you already know.stone-youre-drawn-to-reveals-more-about-you1

This next one has an exciting meaning if you chose it. It has hope for the future, and is perfect if you are at a crossroads in your life, and that is Malachite.


If you were drawn to the Malachite stone you can expect big changes in the future, mainly with regards to romance or re-connecting with your own spirit.

People that were instantly attracted to the sun stone are naturally bright spirited people who are very optimistic. You are positive, and your ‘glass is half full’ attitude about life serves you well.

The Mahogany Obsidian also signals change if you picked this one. This change is more about changing bad habits or mundane routines. It is also a reminder to be thankful for what you have, and not be envious of what others have.

The next stone is Howlite. If you picked this stone it means you are in tune with the spiritual world, meaning both the afterlife and the dream world.

Your ancestors speak through you, and you should be always listening for messages from them, whether you are dreaming or awake.

The last stone is the beautiful dalmatian jasper. If you chose this stone you are a joyful soul. You are a thrill seeker and an adventure hunter, and always up for a fun time.

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