She Put a Whole Lemon in the Microwave. This Happens 20 Seconds Later (VIDEO)

 She puts a lemon in the microwave and this is what happens 20 seconds later

Key components in squeezing the most juice from lime and lemon are: lemon heating and applyingpressure. Both actions are weakening the membranes that trap the lemon juice inside the lemon.

She puts a lemon in the microwave, 20 seconds later you just have to try this trick!

Heat the lemon in the microwave.

With this method you can produce up to 30 to 40 percent more juice. It is recommended to leave the lemon whole in order to prevent absorption of moisture from the microwave oven.

Take the whole lemon and roll it. Apply enough force to squeeze the lemon well later. This willbreak themembrane in the body of the lemon, and will make the process easier.

The video below will show you the process:

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