The Way You Clench Your Fist Tells THIS About Your Personality

The Fist Personality

As strange as it may seem, the way you use each part of your body reveals another part of your personality and characteristics. The fist may seem like a strange choice, but you’d be surprised by what you discover about yourself!

Fist #1

Balling up your fist with your thumb resting against your index finger means you are extremely kind and unselfish, but can be taken advantage of because of this. You love to explore and learn, so never lose your spark!

Fist #2

You’re extremely creative if you ball your fist with the thumb covering numerous other fingers. You half high self-esteem, which constantly draws people to you! But no matter how confident, you sometimes do not make bold decisions out of fear of losing everything. So just go for it!

Fist #3

Your and wit attracts many people, and have an inner peace that no one can disturb. You get sad for others and their situations, but should learn to not let it completely get you down!



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