They Thought This Dog Was Grieving For Her Owner Until They Noticed What Was Underneath

At first glance it appears that this dog could be grieving for its deceased owner.

When this photo first emerged, people wanted to know more about it. Now, the details are finally out.

The dog was not grieving for a human, it was hiding something.

In fact, this dog was homeless — it didn’t even know the person that was buried here.

Here’s what happened: The dog was pregnant when it arrived at the cemetery.

It made a hole in the earth to house herself and give birth to her litter of four puppies.

Cemetery workers soon took notice of the new arrivals.

And so did some friendly locals that decided to try to help the family of stray dogs. The locals began feeding the mom to gain her trust.

At first the dog was hesitant to take food from strangers.

But the humans eventually won her over, and were soon able to remove the stray dogs from the cemetery.

The dogs were given shelter and a calm, stable environment.

When the mother began eating more it benefited her entire litter, as she was able to produce more milk to feed her babies.


At last, all the animals were examined by a veterinarian.

They were vaccinated, de-wormed, and finally determined to be healthy pups.


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