Beware If You Find Rubber Band At Your Door, This is What It Means

Have you ever seen a rubber band on a door and wondered what it was doing there? Apparently finding a rubber band on a door means that a burglar may be trying to get into your home, and it’s something we all should be concerned about.

 Kim Fleming, the latest victim of the rubber band trick, didn’t know how a rubber band could jeopardize her safety until it happened to her. While home alone one day, Kim heard loud bangs on her door but refused to answer it. She noticed that there was a man knocking on the door, and didn’t go to check on it until over half an hour later.

After going outside to inspect, she noticed a rubber band on her door handle. The rubber band was wrapped around both the lock and the handle on the door. Kim didn’t know it at the time, but the rubber band was placed there in an attempt to force the door open.

Kim immediately contacted the police and also wrote a Facebook post about what happened to her, explaining that apparently this trick is common among robberies. She also explained that she had a gun inside the home in case any possible intruders were reading.

When Kim contacted the police, the Sheriff came to her home to inspect. He explained that robbers often use this trick to catch victims off guard. When a victim unlatches a lock, the rubber band forces the door open and a burglar can burst inside.

This trick is common amongst robbers. It is recommended that when you’re home alone and hear a knock on the door, to simply ignore it. The moment an unsuspecting victim opens the door, a burglar can jump in and attack.

Always be sure to keep your doors locked, and never answer the door for strangers.

What Stone You Are Drawn To Can Reveal Things About Your Personality

The mind is a fascinating thing. Your unconscious mind works when you aren’t even aware of it. It picks up signals, puts out signals and takes in information when you don’t know it’s even happening.

When it comes to stones, the one you are drawn to can tell you more about yourself than you may think. It might reveal something new about your personality, or confirm what you already know.stone-youre-drawn-to-reveals-more-about-you1

This next one has an exciting meaning if you chose it. It has hope for the future, and is perfect if you are at a crossroads in your life, and that is Malachite.


If you were drawn to the Malachite stone you can expect big changes in the future, mainly with regards to romance or re-connecting with your own spirit.

People that were instantly attracted to the sun stone are naturally bright spirited people who are very optimistic. You are positive, and your ‘glass is half full’ attitude about life serves you well.

The Mahogany Obsidian also signals change if you picked this one. This change is more about changing bad habits or mundane routines. It is also a reminder to be thankful for what you have, and not be envious of what others have.

The next stone is Howlite. If you picked this stone it means you are in tune with the spiritual world, meaning both the afterlife and the dream world.

Your ancestors speak through you, and you should be always listening for messages from them, whether you are dreaming or awake.

The last stone is the beautiful dalmatian jasper. If you chose this stone you are a joyful soul. You are a thrill seeker and an adventure hunter, and always up for a fun time.

Man Heats Up Knife To 1000 Degrees And Cuts Open A Coke Bottle

Uploaded in glorious HD, the ‘KNIFE VS’ series is sure to remind some of the series ‘Watch It Melt’ or ‘Hydraulic Press’, neither of which hit the highs MrGear has achieved in the last few days. While the Hydraulic press guys were just about the hottest thing on Reddit for a while, they’ve only garnered 177 million views in their year-long run.

With more viewership comes more pressure, likely resulting in more and more expensive things being put up against his blazing hot knife. Just like the ‘Will It Blend?’ team that started with marbles and ended with iPhones (both of which blend marvelously), we can’t wait to see what comes next for MrGear.

Suggestions: jawbreakers, marshmallows, toothpaste. Or any type of electronic device, but please, please MrGear, start wearing some protection. Make sure you check out the newest video in the series, ‘KNIFE VS LIGHTER’.

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First indigenous map of its kind; U.S. map displays “Our own names and locations”

First indigenous map of its kind; U.S. map displays “Our own names and locations”

Photo courtesy of Aaron Carapella

Photo courtesy of Aaron Carapella


By Monica Brown, Tulalip News Writer

Aaron Carapella, a Cherokee Indian, has taken it upon himself to create a map that shows the Tribal nations of the U.S. prior to European contact. The map is of the contiguous United States and displays the original native tribal names of roughly 595 tribes, and of that, 150 tribes are without descendants. Without descendants means that there is no one known to be alive from that tribe and are believed to be extinct.

Aaron’s journey to making the Native American Nations map began 14 years ago. At the age of 19, Aaron had already gained a great deal of knowledge from listening to stories from his family, elders from his tribe, and reading books on Native American history. To explain where his knowledge came from Aaron said, “My Grandparents would tell me, you’re part Native American and that’s part of your history. They would give me books to read about different tribes’ histories, so, I grew up with a curiosity of always wanting to learn more about Native American history.”

After reading the many books on Native tribes and not finding any authentic type maps which failed to accurately represent the hundreds of modern day and historical tribes, Aaron decided to start creating a map for himself that would be authentic and cultural.  “The maps in the books were kind of cheesy, they only had maybe 50 to 100 tribes on them,” said Aaron.

The inspiration for the map to depict original tribal names came from a book that he was reading which explained the real names of tribes and reason they were given the names they have today.

“I didn’t want to make a map with just tribe’s given names on it. I wanted it to be accurate and from a Native perspective,” said Aaron.

The process to collect tribes’ real names led Aaron from books, to making many phone calls to tribes across the country, asking them one seemingly simple question, what is the actual native name of your tribe?

“Some tribes, once contacted, wouldn’t know that information,” he said, but they would get him in contact with an elder or someone that would have the information he needed. “Every tribe I’ve contacted, I’ve noticed they are really good about getting back to you about cultural questions, they had a really good response time,” said Aaron.

On the map there are approximately 175 merged tribes, listed among the 595. The map displays   what others fall short of, to make known the significant fact that is overlooked every day and that is, that tribes inhabited the entire U.S. and not just small portions of it.

“It is kind of sad that I can’t find a tribe’s real name because they aren’t here anymore,” said Aaron about learning the truth of what happened to many tribes. Some tribes were victims of genocide, some dwindled away from disease or other life threatening situations and some were merged forcefully or willingly with other tribes to make one large tribe. “Today some small tribes are enumerated under larger tribes, and do not have separate sovereignty. A good example of that is the Delaware Tribe of Oklahoma who recently split from the Cherokee Nation,” said Aaron explaining about how some tribes have merged.

“To be honest, in general in the United states, Americans are very ignorant about Native American history and the only time they deal with Native history or reality is when tribes have enough money to fight back against injustice happening to them. In my small way, making this map is to reinforce the true history of the injustice and the genocide that occurred,” Said Aaron.

Aaron has not received any funding to create the map and any profit from the map sales will go towards Aaron’s future map projects, which will include an in-depth look at the tribes of the states of California and Washington. A map of the First Nations in Canada is already in the works and close to being complete.

Aaron is of European and Cherokee descent and can speak the Cherokee language. He has a bachelor’s degree in marketing and is considering returning to school to get a master’s degree in Native American studies so that he can pursue his interest in Native American history.


More than 140 million girls will become child brides between 2011 and 2020 and that 50 million of those will be under the age of 15 according to the United Nations Population Fund.
In Yemen more than quarter of young girls are married before turning 15. They are not slaves they need to make their own decisions in their lives and with this they lose access to education and social life. Besides that they are forced to having sex at a very young age which is the most awful thing in this case and with that they have health problems. Even the grown-ups should not be in a forced marriage and imagine doing that to a young sweet child?

There is a little protection for the ones that are suffering from this kind of issue and that is due to not having currently consistent established definition of ‘’child’’.

There is a 54 page report named ‘’How can you allow little girls to get married?’’ and there you can understand and realize the problems that those young girls have when they are forced to marry someone.

The legal age for marriage should be 18 – that is what most of the pro age-limit organizations agree on. But a law was created in February 2009 in Yemen where was set the minimum age for marriage at 17. This is un-Islamic and none religion approves it so this should stop as soon as possible and let those kids to have a childhood that they deserve.


We have learned that United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is now very concerned that an estimated one million pounds of rat mea

Which is being passed off as “boneless chicken wings,” has been sold in restaurants and grocery stores across America.
According to reports, FDA inspectors raised concerns after several illegal shipping containers originating from China were seized by customs at the Port of San Francisco.
It was found to contain rat meat that was meant to be shipped to different meat processing plants across America and resold as chicken.


Girls sure know the story about Rapunzel – the princess with her long and golden hair? A very few boys will know that story, so boys just type Rapunzel on Google and you will see how does that princess looks like. Now everyone knows that that is a fairytale and many will say that it is impossible to have hair like that.

Well those who will say that are actually wrong, because out there in the world is one family known as the Rapunzels of Illinois. The family includes three females – one mother which is old 43 years and her three daughters. The hair of the mother is long unbelievable 74 inches (the mother measures it) and the same length of hair is her eldest Lynn, the middle daughter’s hair is long 36 inches and the youngest Chesney’s hair is long 26.25 inches.


Should an illegal immigrant who kidnapped and raped a six-year-old girl be executed? Many Americans outraged by the alleged actions of Edis Moya Alas think such a punishment is deserved.
Edis Moya Alas is a 35-year-old illegal immigrant from El Salvador. He is accused of kidnapping the six-year-old girl from her home and taking her through the woods and into a Fort Worth park where he then raped the child, Fox 4 News reports.

Texas police officers are still trying to figure out for sure if the illegal immigrant took the young girl from her house where she was sleeping on a couch or if she walked out of the house and crossed paths with Edis Moya Alas on Saturday morning.

Alas has been placed on an immigration hold. If he is released, he surely won’t be showing up for trial.
Deportation doesn’t work. We could ask Kate Steinle, Dominic Durden, Nikki Schermock, Joshua Wilkerson, Krikit Zepeda, Shayley Estes, Officer Kevin Will, Sergeant Brandon Mendoza, and far too many others about that, but they’re all dead at the hands of illegal immigrants.

The six-year-old rape victim’s mother said the illegal alien who raped her daughter is a complete stranger to the family. Just moments before the then missing girl was found, relatives, friends, and neighbors held a prayer vigil for the child’s safe return outside of her home
Police officers were called to the Fort Worth park after a passerby heard a child screaming in the woods. When the officers arrived and called out to the frightened child, she immediately came running to them.

Edis Moya Alas was also ultimately found in the woods around Titus Park. He surrendered after being surrounded by local police officers.
The illegal immigrant was arrested on a drug charge two years ago. Why he was allowed to stay in this country or how he got back in still remain largely unclear.

What is clear is that this little girl and her family have suffered for our lax attitude towards illegal immigrants who commit crimes. This should not happen in America. Without secure borders, none of us are safe. What happened to this poor child is not just an isolated incident as the mainstream media would like us to believe.
The flow of illegal immigrants into the United States is about to end. After Donald Trump takes charge of the Oval Office, the murders and rapes committed at the hands of people who never should have been here in the first place are going to come to an end!
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Part of this footage that was secretly filmed by the Association for the Protection of Animals, Animal Equality, and so far has been viewed about 30 million times. Apparently it comes to an American factory, or similar practices in the UK.
Small animals, which workers from the box throwing fists as if they were objects rather than living creatures.
Those who survive, given growth hormones.
Those chicks that survive the later stages of the factory process, receive vaccines and growth hormones in order for only 40 days reached the size of the sales market or farm eggs. All this takes place on factory farms where growth is also roosters separated from the future chickens and they are killed because they can not lay eggs and therefore not cost-effective.
Sometimes they break their necks, sometimes they are killed with gas, and sometimes they are thrown into the grinder. British Beis (British department for poultry) claims that chickens euthanized, as they call it, human gassed and in the past have already admitted that this is happening in the factories, whether eggs from free-range or not.


A New York couple, high on methamphetamines, was arrested on Sunday after police received several 911 calls that they were harassing people in Central Park. Matthew Scroggins, 32, and his 43-year-old girlfriend Martha Childress were reportedly acting “odd” as they headed towards the park screaming, jumping up and down, and spinning in circles.
Witnesses say the strange couple headed toward the edge of the park but quickly “disappeared.” Police searched the area and after 30 minutes, they found the couple crouched down in the bushes over a homeless man. “We found a couple that met the description of the 911 calls we had been receiving,” said Lieut. Philip Washburn. “We identified ourselves and asked them to turn around. When they did, their faces were covered with blood and the homeless man was crying for help. They had already eaten off every single one of his fingers and began chewing off his toes when we arrived on the scene.”

Due to the severity of the situation, Washburn said they had no choice but to tase the couple. “We didn’t know if they were armed, or if they would attack us,” said Washburn. “We tasered both of them, but they still were able to lunge towards us. So two other officers use their tasers as well, which finally subdued them.”

The homeless man was rushed to a nearby hospital where he is listed in stable condition after losing all 10 fingers and four toes. Scroggins and Childress are being held on no bond under mental evaluation. According to the police report, the couple claimed they were hungry and hadn’t eaten for five days. They say they had “no choice but to eat the homeless man since he had nothing going for him anyway.” Both tested positive for high levels of methanphetamines.