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Her sick father was about to die, but that’s when a deer showed up

Latricia Thomas’ story is making the rounds on the internet — and for good reason. In a touching eulogy about her father who recently passed, a true miracle was revealed.

From Latricia Thomas:
“Thank you so much for all of the kind words and support after we lost my Daddy. I wanted to share with you the story that I wrote about his final days and read at his funeral.

When My Daddy was a hunter. Every year, on opening weekend of bow season, you could find him in a tree, in his camo at sunrise.

As the years went by, he traded his gun for a camera and instead taught his kids and grandkids how to enjoy the hobby he loved.

Last week, two days before he died, Daddy met his buck. It was gorgeous, a 10 point with six spikes on one side and four on the other. He came to the window where daddy was sitting in his favorite chair and looked in, right at him.”

Beloved Harlem deer will be cremated

The poor deer died terrified and alone.

The city plans to cremate the remains of a buck who delighted Harlem residents before he was captured by city workers and became a political football between Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio, city officials said.

The animal “was scared, really stressed,” before it died, sources said.

The deer spent his last hours in a 10-foot-square pen at a city animal shelter.

The city does not plan to do a necropsy to determine why the deer died.

The young buck hung out for weeks in Jackie Robinson Park. City workers caught him in a Harlem housing project Thursday.

The city planned to euthanize him. But Cuomo prevailed on the city to let state workers release him upstate. The deer died before Cuomo’s plan could be put into effect.

“#harlemdeer died in the most NY way possible: stressed & waiting for a ride,” tweeted @ryan­j­kreuscher, a Dartmouth College student.


Corporate Greed and Betraying the Sacred: Energy Companies Threaten Native Culture


Commentary: An energy company plans a project that would destroy land Native people hold as sacred. Despite Native protests, neither state nor federal agencies intervene to protect those cultural sites. The project proceeds. The land is forever altered. Hundreds of Native people and their supporters converge on the site to protest and to grieve their loss.

Given recent news, not to mention the choice of photo at the top of this story, you could be forgiven for assuming I’m describing current events at the Standing Rock reservation in North Dakota. That’s where the companyEnergy Transfer Partnersis trying to push the new Dakota Access Pipeline through burial grounds and medicine wheels sacred to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. The project has already destroyed important sacred sites, and threatens to pollute the Missouri River and local groundwater if it’s built and the inevitable spills ensue.

But I’m actually describing a gathering four years ago in the southernmost parts of the California desert. There, near the little desert town of Ocotillo, hundreds of Native people from across the southwestern United States gathered on June 24, 2014. They were there to mark the destruction of ancient cremation sites, ceremonial locations and other important cultural resources by Pattern Energy, which built the Ocotillo Express wind power facility in Imperial County.

Indigenous people often pay the greatest price when the landscape is developed for the benefit of the world’s industrial economy. When your culture is intimately interwoven with a healthy and diverse natural landscape, you’re much more likely to take it personally when outside investors propose to pave that landscape.



There are people who tent to kill insects with bare hands and some can be a deadly threat to them.

In India it has been spotted the new “killer insect”. It spreads a disfiguration condition of the skin that has been the focus of attention lately.

What is it?

If you touch or try to kill this insect with bare hands it will transmit a deadly virus that will spread very fast in the human body.

In case you spot it you should not try to kill it with your hands as it will spread a deadly viral infection. It will circulate in the body in just a few minutes. The consequences are unlikely treatable, thus you have to be cautious not to get into direct contact with it.

Construction Workers Found This Deer Stuck In A Mud Pit, But Had No Idea How Bad Things Were


Deer can be found all over the world. There are a variety of deer – but they are all generally gentle and reserved. Deer tend to keep to themselves and are very self-sufficient.

They know how to forage and how to avoid predators. But, seeing such a graceful creature hurt or in distress can be rather upsetting to people.

 Some construction workers found a deer trapped in a mud pit and knew they had to help. The deer was extremely scared and exhausted from trying to free itself.One of the biggest challenges the workers faced was getting the deer calm enough so they could help. (Warning this video contains strong language that may not be suitable for everyone).

I’m sure you found yourself on the edge of your seat as you watched this footage. I loved the end when the deer took a look back as if to say thank you! Share away, people